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Albums, any style, any where...

Every person is a camera.  Every picture is a tarot card.  While i prefer not describing stand alone images, beyond a brief title, slideshows provide a way to convey a story about something this photographer has been privileged to observe.  I hope you enjoy these, and take time to comment as well as consider.  'pheature' is the current set from which the welcome page draws backgrounds.  Slideshows are samples from events that i've photographed, or collections from a variety of sessions.  Check often, or add this location to your RSS;  as time permits, a variety of slideshows will accrue.  Selected images are for sale.  Contact the photographer with a description to discuss media, size, etc.;  or to assit with your own image needs.

Additions are made to albums, as photo shoots occur and time permits for editing (alphabetical order, not date order).  The list of albums continues.  You are welcome to suggest a collection of examples that you'd like to see.

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