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Personal collections get personal attention, from this photographer.  We are all in transition.  98% of all the atoms in every human being, are replaced in less than a year.  When you're on an airplane, you are breathing in what others in the same closed system are breathing out.  Something that was part of them, is becoming a part of you.  When you step off that airplane, you have changed to some degree, from the person you were when you got on-board.  Not a model?  Not a problem.  We're all on-board Life's carousel, spinning on the same planet at around 1,040 mph (1,664 kilometers per hour).  Why not schedule moments to document snapshots of your travels?  There are no more example pics in this album, because it's private space for private stories.  While it's the only page on this site that is bound, the only limit the photographer has to working with your ideas, is that they are legal.  What about a gift to a loved one?  Maybe a reference for you down the road?  It can be whatever you'd like, it's your journal;  as artistic, to as literal, to as intimate and passionate as you care to have photographed/remembered.  Private collections can be photographed during the course of a day, or over an extended period;  can be part of a trip (exploring new territory or returning to your roots), whatever you'd like to dicuss and can afford.  A print on-demand book, custom art book, CD of images, DVD presentation...  Humon Photography will work with you, capture moments for you, that can be tough to photograph yourself.

The Prussian blue expression of a cyanotype (toned example on this page) is the blue in blueprints...  the blues of genome experiences?  Have fun with your collection.  Color it your way.

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