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like meaning, is a human interpretation.  Whether something is a craft or an art, is largely determined by the viewer.  All photo stlyles are photography, the difference is intent.  For ph, the difference is in the passion invested, and freedoms taken.  For this presentation, photographic styles are divided into the following groups: 
events  happenings of any type or size
portraits  eye contact with specific people
products & services  promotional/sales oriented
nature  of the natural world
man made  fabricated, construction/deconstruction
models  people posing
art  form, beautiful form
Of course, some pics fit more than one category and others don't fit any of these.  The above sets generally show ability to convey ideas.  Collections of examples are available for viewing in the ph albums section.  Albums are added as time and photos are available.  It's your ideas that i'm interested in, and look forward to learning about, potentially capturing them for you.  I have a broad range of experience and zeal for 'different'.  Candor is appreciated, as it saves time and yields you with what you are after.  I am willing to do an initial in-person discussion at no charge for the first hour, within the Portland Metro Area.  Additional consulting time is billed at $40/hr, plus travel expenses and any other costs, like mock ups (samples).

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While i personally do still photography, i have working experience with a wide variety of talent who can assist with video, wardrobe, styling, props, etc.  No job is too small or too large to discuss.  Same with output.  I have experience with traditional print, alternative processes, imaging glass, metal, ceramic, stone...  small to large, including murals.


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