Peter Schmidt, photographer, based out of Portland Oregon, USA:  tel: 503.647.1234 
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has been a life long interest.  Childhood fascination evolved into exploring B&W developing and processing in high school.  Subjects then were mostly nature.  Having grown up on a farm, rooted in horticulture, there was and continues to be, a keen sense for Life's beauty.  In college, color lab work took a journalistic direction, while studies in engineering explored industrial photo processes.  Flying and scuba diving, included aerial and underwater imaging.  Analog processes persisted until the current millenium, when Mamiya and Nikon SLRs gave way to Olympus, Canon and Nikon digital equipment.  I still work with film/wet chemistry, but now shoot mostly digital, including a Canon 5D.  Applications are both commercial and artistic.  I've shot events to products (flowers to fashion), for print, web, CD/DVD presentations.  Art shoots are often collaborations with models and/or other photographers.  There is precious little time for TFCD (trade for CD) any more, but i welcome inquiries that explore anything different and edgy...  compositions or processes.  Please check my rates for traditional work, and let me know how i can assist your image interests, including instruction.

In addition to photography, i design/build/manage web sites (since 1994), and have a passion for art and architectural glass.  I enjoy working with alternative processes.  As as far as i know, i am one of the few people on the planet, fusing glass with photo quality results.  These images won't fade, even in full sunlight.  ie:

fused glass

Fired over 1,000ºF, unique glass pieces, are unparalleled as gifts or keepsakes.  The notion of being both fragile and enduring, make these particularly symbolic for wedding portraits.

Glass is truly archival.  Unlike organic materials, place these in your pyramid, and when rediscovered centuries from now, they will look the same.

I also photo etch a wide variety of materials;  fire images on ceramic medias, as well as steel (porcelain enamel);  and provide editing services for a variety of image processes (continuous tone, raster or vector).
fired tiles

Lobby mural:  91 tiles depict the history of a historic building.
(Design by Scott Miler of Miler Design Management, commissioned by The New Heathman Hotel, Portland Oregon, built in 1926)


  Do you think about "stuff"...  like,  how strange it is to be anything @ All?
I do.
One of the goals with photography, is to catalyze questions.  Existence is so amazing.  Sometimes i want to photograph everything Life brings to my path...  to capture whatever i can...  to better understand That which is being revealed.  Look and see, what you find hidden, in my work, in All about you.

Meta Data

  Of interest to me, is that which can't be described.  I like to consider words with different accents/connotations, ie: 'present' as in the current timeframe, vs 'present' as in a gift.  Existence is, after All.  What we 'call' vision, is a mental interpretation of waves impacting us, informing us...  which 'well' could be different for each individual interacting.  Reflections through different lenses, culture, language, belief, yield more fullfilling understanding.  As you read...  including this site, take note of how one can read parts of words, like 'con•sider' (literally 'with the stars').  I am particularly fond of Hermetic and Kabalistic prisms.  Applying the unexplicable 'No Thing' to contemporary use of 'nothing', often brings a smile of recognition.  NoThing is, as it appears, applies continuously and across medias.  Dualities of existence can often suggest models for the duality of physical vs metaphysical.  One of my attractions with glass, is in how it works / models amorpheous life.  'Religion' literally refers to how one relates to the world.  Thoughts matter... literally.  Thoughts become you.  Since every thought is a prayer, i see spiritual work as free will crystalizing one's thoughts.

'As above, so below' paragraphs are intended as a lead in, to the naming of this site/my photographic business, and an invitation for you to see images in different ways.  No•Thing is, as it appears.  I strive with photography to illustrate more than the apparent.  I look for compositions that explore Subtle as well as visceral, arrange 1s and 0s to resonate stories of their own accord.  It is grace and magic that i strive to capture and share, through photos...  appropriate or not.

Particles that exhibit properties of both matter and energy, are named with words ending in 'on':  proton, neutron, electron.  ('ON' is the acronym of my 'Occasional Newsletter' to which you are welcome to subscribe.)  Analagously, we are pers•ons.  'Humon', can be thought of as a politically correct way of spelling 'human' (i am anything but PC), or a relationship between hue (color/male force) and mon (moon/female energy), or just a unique keyword for searching on the net.  I look for key•words / pictures, as clues for searching the net of dreams.  The 'real' reason for choosing the name, is for the 'on' suffix...  when we look through different lenses as a means of seeing more than what registers with one's genes...  when a person sees more than representations of form in an image, light eminating as well as reflecting, you begin to see NoThing in every thing.  'That' happens;  re•cognition causes one to appreciate Life on multiple levels.  Photography allows one to evaluate moments a little bit longer.  Form and void, light and shadow, opposites define each other.  'One' is appreciated through contrast.  I find balance, exploring tensions, and don't apologize for controversy.  Controversy fuels life and imagination.  What can we bring to light together?

Peter Schmidt, dba: humon photography


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